Welcome, web wanderer, to Mystery and Shadows ~ the online art gallery of fantasy and gothic artist Shelley Walker.

Within you will find a strange and enchanting world full of Shelley's imaginings poured onto paper and canvas. There are original paintings for sale, plus highly collectable ACEO and OSWOAs. Shelley is also available for commission work, check out the commissions page for bookings and more info!

~Original Artworks~

The Original Artworks gallery contains a selection of Shelley's drawings and paintings for sale. If there is an artwork you wish to purchase the original of, and it doesn't appear in this gallery, feel free to email us and make enquiries about buying it.

~The MarketPlace~

The Marketplace is a diverse mix of art, merchandise and specials. There are designs for CafePress and Zazzle products, and other creations that Shelley has dreamed up. Always evolving, with new ideas and products, the Marketplace is well worth wandering through.

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