~The Basics~

Name: Shelley M Walker
D.O.B: 18th February 1977
Height: 164cm
Eye colour: green to hazel
Hair: very dark brown, often dyed black
Nationality: Australian
Favourite colour: the blue of twilight

~My Journey as an Artist~

For as long as I can remember I've always had a strong creative side, which I expressed by doing everything and anything when I was growing up - dance, painting, writing, acting, singing, playing musical instruments. Now that I'm all grown up and busy with adult life I find that painting is the one that has stuck with me, though I still occassionally have fun playing musical instruments for myself and my daughter :)
My favourite medium to work with is watercolour, sometimes with coloured pencil and other bits and pieces added in. I also love graphite for ease and flexibility. My favourite subject is various creatures born from myth and imagination. Inspiration comes from stories and folklore, music, nature and various artists and authors. Sometimes it comes from nowhere obvious, and what appears on paper can suprise me.
I hope you enjoy my collection of paintings :)
Thanks for visiting!